Coed Varsity Tennis · Coed Varsity Tennis finishes 2nd place at CAA State Singles Championships

  Place Points
Cicero Preparatory Academy 2nd 1

CAA Championships was a complete success. Tournament director did a terrific job running the event and made sure every match started timely.

Great effort from our co-ed High School Team whom represented Cicero Academy with outstanding effort, respect, and sportsmanship.

Hugo Rippe worked really hard but was eliminated on the second round. A great effort by Hugo, showing significant improvement as the season progressed.

Ian Stepanek gave his heart out on a very competitive match with really long hard competed points.

Jonathan Siegel played a student from ALA who was the most patient and consistent player ever. Jonathan tried everything he could and threw every shot in his arsenal but the ball kept coming back again and again. Eventually the opponent persisted with the win.

Kingston Crichton fell short against a student from Basis that ended up reaching the final. His opponent was more aggressive and able to control Kingston.

Maya Strysko represented the school with great respect and sportsmanship. Maya started playing tennis a few weeks ago and I’m really happy with her enthusiasm and hard work for learning the game.

Lastly, Lauren Nelson had an outstanding performance. Lauren reached the final by knocking out the 2 top players from American Leadership Academy. Lauren stepped it up every round to be able to move to the next round. She showed amazing guts by rising to the occasion when it counted the most. She did this with grace and fantastic attitude and sportsmanship. Lauren finished as State Runner-up and in my opinion should be named best player of the championship for the way she conducted herself and represented Cicero.