Coed Varsity Track · HS Track Results

Nina has been stellar this entire season. She has shown that even with an injury, she can persevere and perform at competitive levels throughout the season. She not only made it to the Finals in the 100m and 200m with still recovering from an injury, but she was able to place 4th overall among all ladies in the 100m. Continuing off of this feat, in the top 8 ladies for the 100m, Nina was among only three 9th graders. Super proud of her!!!

The second and last shout out for this meet will be going to Rohan and Nathan. I am totally impressed and blown away with just how stellar they both were able to perform on Saturday in the High Jump. There was a total of 19 student/athletes who participated in High Jump on Saturday, with only 9 of them being 9th graders. Out of those 9, four of them were from our school, and 2 of them; Rohan and Nathan placed 10th and 11th overall out of 19. Nathan…Who in practice was only jumping a 4’8, jumped a 5’1 in the last meet, and then in this meet was able to jump a 5’2. Rohan…who has not even been practicing High Jump and has not participated in High Jump all year long was able to jump a 5’2.

Coach Brown said he is proud  of all the student/athletes, as all of them have been putting in such hard work this entire season, and I know each of them has been successful in one way or another.

Great job track team!