Centurions News · Spring Sports Schedules

High School: Practice Starts Feb. 4th

Tennis https://ciceroprepathletics.com/teams/2483706/coed/tennis/varsity/schedule

Track https://ciceroprepathletics.com/teams/2490873/track/varsity/schedule

Middle School: Practice Starts Feb. 11th

Tennis   https://ciceroprepathletics.com/teams/2483673/coed/tennis/middle%20school/schedule

Track  https://ciceroprepathletics.com/teams/2635865/track/middle%20school/schedule

Swim   https://ciceroprepathletics.com/teams/2490876/coed/swimming/middle%20school/schedule

Basketball – Schedule is posted for boys and girls, but I am expecting changes as I work with my coaches on what days and times they can work.  Please also note, that boys basketball will most likely have three teams, this means there will be different days for practices and times. I hope to have this worked out by Weds of this week.