Centurions News · MS Golf B Team Results

The rained-out return to San Marcos on Thursday, was the team’s first Team Victory at the matches.  The San Marcos course, in it’s lush rye-grass overseed , certainly played longer than it did back in September with it’s dried out Bermuda fairways.  The Cicero B-Team was able to play better than their first trip down, and come away with a victory over two Lincoln Prep teams.  Led by Connor Wendorf, who was the overall low score, and Griffin Harrington who placed 2nd overall.  Ryan Fingerman shared a Tie for third with the top Lincoln player, giving Cicero a piece of all three top spots.  Caroline Hoang finished in the top half of the overall field, and Ellina Beyer and Olivia Heiman made outstanding representations for Cicero Prep as well.  This was the final B-Team Match heading into this week’s Finals at McDowell Mountain Golf Course, and a great way to wrap up the regular season.

Individual Scores

Connor Wendorf            49
Griffin Harrington        51
Ryan Fingerman            52
Caroline Hoang            59
Elina Beyer               60
Olivia Heiman             61


Cicero B                      211

Lincoln A                     230

Lincoln B                     276