Multiple Teams · HS Men’s Basketball – Varsity and JV Rosters

Great news! Coach Gibson and Coach Strong have agreed to have our second program become fully built at the High School level! Men’s Basketball will have a Varsity and a JV team this year! Representing Cicero this year in Division 1 CAA Basketball will be the following:



Adriel Brillantes – Alejandro Echavarria – JT Mitchell – Jacob Aguirre – Logan Dunlap – Mark Alway – Mark Gilligan – Oliver Wilhoit – Parker Zidel – Quinton Brooks – Ty Monson – Zach Van Voorhees



Allan Hall – Andrew Dowell – Cole Gurule – Dan Lott – Dominic McCarver – Issaiah Gantchoff – Jordan Core – Josh Bleimeyer – Nathan Carter – Nathan Pophal – (Practice Players: Brendyn Davidson-Walker – Beck Alway – Brennan McHenry – Michael Saba)